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The Absolute Basics Newbie Guides
What hometown and stat order do I pick? Newbie Guides
King Solomon's Mines (KSM) Area Guides Industrial
Persephone (Tartarus) Shopkeepers Ancient
Shammai, the mine foreman (KSM) Shopkeepers Industrial
Mitigation Tank Build Guides Tank
Arcane Master Cause Mage Build Guides Damage
Two Handed Strength Fighter Build Guides Damage
Seven Heavens Area Guides Ancient
Arabian Dreams (Irem) Area Guides Ancient
Constitution Create Battle Mage Build Guides Damage
Mana Reduction Basic Info Stats
Sample Character Builds Newbie Guides
Faction Basic Info
Strength Create Battle Druid Build Guides Support
High Hp Dexterity Sniper Build Guides Damage
Dual Wielding Rogue Fighter Build Guides Damage
Hometown Skills Restriction Newbie Guides
Ekemguk (Arabian Dreamland) Shopkeepers Ancient
Spell Damage Info Spells Shared