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Aloe Herbs
Medieval Marie Amireau, the kitchen girl (French Indian War - Quebec) Shopkeepers
Industrial The provisioner (Bengal) Shopkeepers
Industrial Joe Thompson (Gold Rush San Francisco) Shopkeepers
Industrial Dr. Moon (Abilene, Kansas) Shopkeepers
Ancient Seven Heavens Area Guides
TinTin++ Herb count alias Client Scripting
cMUD Weedeater Client Scripting
Medieval Nikko Run Guide - Japan Expansion Area Guides
cMUD Sabrines Automatic Merlin Meanderer Client Scripting
cMUD Maleficia's Herbal Remedies Client Scripting
Regex Tutorial Client Scripting
Phlox Herbs
Medieval A hag (Viceroyal Lima) Shopkeepers
Masterwort Herbs
Burdock Herbs
Druid Powder Skills
Druid Brew Skills
Druid Make Oil Skills
Druid Herblore Skills