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HP Quest (Ancient) India
...through ingenuity led a prison break from a Romanian tower. (Medieval) Transylvania
...took a pivotal role in helping the Ottoman Empire conquer Romania! (Medieval) Transylvania
...went to the seventh heaven and back. (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...sent the tormented soul of an emperor back where it belongs! (Industrial) Russian Revolution of 1917 an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port
Order of the Golden Fleece (Medieval) Flanders
...has single-handedly slain Vlad the Impalor, father of all vampires! (Medieval) Transylvania
...once helped a boy who had been kidnapped by Vikings to return home. (Medieval) Viking Scandinavia
...solved the murder of a young girl and brought her killer to justice. (Medieval) Viceroyal Lima
...once rescued a young lad from the clutches of evil pirates! (Industrial) Bengal
...once helped a lost child find their way back home. (Industrial) London Port
...had the compassion to aid a dying widow. (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
...succeeded where London's police force had failed! (Industrial) Dartmoor a famous Knight of the Round Table! (Medieval) Camelot
...saved the son of Zeus from treachery and certain death! (Ancient) Greece
Morrigan's Maze (Ancient) Morrigan's Maze
...has received the blessing of the angel of music. (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...helped smuggle stolen antiques out of Egypt. (Industrial) Pyramid
...has been blessed by Cairo's muzzein. (Industrial) Pyramid