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...solved the Whitechapel murders! (Industrial) London Port
...took the true identity of Jack, the Ripper to their grave! (Industrial) London Port a famous Knight of the Round Table! (Medieval) Camelot
...cleverly found a way to free a Tlingit slave! (Medieval) 1802 Alaska a Knight of the Kingdom of Logres. (Medieval) Camelot
+15 Mana Quest (Industrial) African Savanna smarter than the average Cyclops! (+3 MIND) (Ancient) Greece a member of the Distinguished Order of the Golden Fleece (Medieval) Flanders
...cleaned the greatest stables in the world in but a single day! (Ancient) Greece
Morrigan's Maze (Ancient) Morrigan's Maze
Morrigan's Collection (Ancient) Morrigan's Maze
...fixed a broken wagon and got the wine delivered. (Ancient) Roman Britain
...solved the enigma of the mysterious island. (Industrial) The Mysterious Island
...secured a camp on a mysterious island. (Industrial) The Mysterious Island
...saved a British General and his men from a deadly German bombing. (Industrial) Somme, France
Trading with Pencroft (Industrial) The Mysterious Island
Quest for the Holy Grail (Medieval) Camelot known to be a friend of Carthage. (Ancient) Carthage an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port pretty certain there's a monster in Lake Champlain. (Medieval) French Indian War