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...has been blessed by Visnu and ventures forth in the world as his avatar. (Ancient) India
...cleverly found a way to free a Tlingit slave! (Medieval) 1802 Alaska
...was once cursed by spae-magic to take the shape of a foul warg! (Ancient) Beowulf
...drank the nectar of the Black Lotus and lived to tell the tale! (+3 PER) (Ancient) Greece
Tombs in Indus (Industrial) Pyramid
[Stat] HP Quest (Ancient) India an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port
...contributed in the removal of an insane Romanian king! (Medieval) Transylvania
Blessing of Dvalin (Ancient) Svartalfheim a true appreciator of obsolete antiquities! (Medieval) The Pirates' Den
[Stat] Nile Valley Sphinx Quest (+8 per) (Ancient) Egypt
[Stat] Essence of Merlin (+10 Mind -2Dex) (Medieval) Camelot
[Stat] Mameema (Move base stats) (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
...traveled to the Well of Saegais and ate from the magical hazelnut trees. (+10 Any Stat) (Ancient) Celtic Ireland
...has learned of the art and spirit of music. (+3 SPI) (Medieval) Viceroyal Lima
... once helped the most beautiful woman in the world return home. (Ancient) Ancient Troy
...once taught a great warrior a lesson about love. (Ancient) Ancient Troy
... once witnessed the death of a Trojan hero. (Ancient) Ancient Troy
Morrigan's Collection (Ancient) Morrigan's Maze
...once helped a great warrior get new clothes. (Ancient) Ancient Troy