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...played matchmaker for the Arabian royalty. (Ancient) Arabian Nights
Order of the Golden Fleece (Medieval) Flanders
...once served Queen Elizabeth! (Medieval) Tudor England
…learnt magic from the greatest wizard instead of some obscure turkish warlord! (Medieval) Camelot
...has completed the quest for greater power! (Medieval) Hospitaller Malta a Knight of the Kingdom of Logres. (Medieval) Camelot
...has entrance rights to the misty isle of Avalon. (Medieval) Camelot
...knows the secrets of Stonehenge. (Medieval) Camelot
The Queen and Lancelot (Medieval) Camelot
Minna's Quest (Medieval) Flanders
...had the kindness to comfort a lonely man. (Ancient) Aboriginal Dreamtime
Messenger quest (Medieval) The Crusades an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port
...once witnessed the indescribable majesty of the Aurora Borealis! (Industrial) Russian Revolution of 1917
London Citizenship (Industrial) London Port
...recovered sunken treasure after defeating a monstrous sea monster! (Medieval) Pirate Caribbean
...twice aided the Lord of Kleinstadt to prepare for an Imperial visit! (Medieval) Kleinstadt
...raced against time using brains AND brawn! Level to 50, 2019. (General) Global
Lima Citizenship (Medieval) Viceroyal Lima
...has proved to be an equal of Odysseus and is now his boon companion! (Ancient) Greece