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...once answered a very important question! (General) Global
...once reunited a strange man with his distraught mother! (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival
KSM Attunement (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
Order of the Golden Fleece (Medieval) Flanders
Camelot LH Style Quest (Medieval) Camelot
The Queen and Lancelot (Medieval) Camelot an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port
...knows the secrets of Stonehenge. (Medieval) Camelot a Knight of the Kingdom of Logres. (Medieval) Camelot
Quest for the Holy Grail (Medieval) Camelot
...traveled to the Well of Saegais and ate from the magical hazelnut trees. (+10 Spirit) (Ancient) Celtic Ireland
...has completed the great quest for Excalibur! (Medieval) Camelot
Moon Dagger Quest (General) Global
...has entrance rights to the misty isle of Avalon. (Medieval) Camelot a famous Knight of the Round Table! (Medieval) Camelot
...played matchmaker for the Arabian royalty. (Ancient) Arabian Nights
...once served Queen Elizabeth! (Medieval) Tudor England
…learnt magic from the greatest wizard instead of some obscure turkish warlord! (Medieval) Camelot
...has completed the quest for greater power! (Medieval) Hospitaller Malta
Minna's Quest (Medieval) Flanders