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Amor Class (AC) Basic Info Stats
Thyme Herbs
Mugwort Herbs
Basil Herbs
Lady Morgana (Camelot) Shopkeepers Medieval
CMUD Pro Maps Client Scripting cMUD
Keypad Macros Client Scripting TinTin++
Svartur's TinTin++ Package Client Scripting TinTin++
Create Healing Spells Kere (Create)
Dual wield Skills Fight
Camelot Area Guides Medieval
Fist Fighting Skills Fight
Taliesin (Camelot) Shopkeepers Medieval
Vant (Power) Spell Words Second Circle
Anumiset (Irem) Shopkeepers Ancient
Ekemguk (Irem) Shopkeepers Ancient
Zanazat (Irem) Shopkeepers Ancient