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Order of the Golden Fleece (Medieval) Flanders
...served Herodotus, the Father of History for a month. (General) Global
...delivered the treasure of Perseus to the enemies of Mycenae! (Ancient) Greece
...took a pivotal role in helping the Ottoman Empire conquer Romania! (Medieval) Transylvania
...restored the ruined city of Oodeypore to life. (Industrial) Seoni Jungle
Chip quest (Medieval) The Crusades
The Baker (Medieval) Kleinstadt
...traveled to the Well of Saegais and ate from the magical hazelnut trees. (Ancient) Celtic Ireland
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival
...spent a small fortune on slot machines! (General) Global
...freed a Titan from his imprisonment in Tartarus! (Ancient) Tartarus
...showed compassion in caring for the last member of a doomed species! (Medieval) Medieval Seas
Medical Book (Medieval) Saint Denis Abbey
Ys entrance rights (Medieval) Ys
KSM Attunement (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines an agent of the Tokugawa daimyo. (Medieval) Japan
...used one of Odin's giant crows as a banker. (Ancient) Niflheim
...sought out rare and unusual artifacts for an eccentric collector. (Medieval) The Alhambra
Stolen Documents (Medieval) The Alhambra
Tlingit Slaves (Medieval) 1802 Alaska