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...faced the infernal hellrakers and defeated each of them in turn! (Medieval) The Inferno
...once listened to ancient verses from a master poet. (Ancient) Carthage an ally to the Cherubim enforcers of the Third Heaven. (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...has been blessed by Visnu and ventures forth in the world as his avatar. (Ancient) India
...uncovered a plot of intrigue and murder! (Ancient) Beowulf
...watched an exotic Arabian dancer for hours. (Ancient) Arabian Nights
...once survived accidentally being shot onto the roof of the Big Top! (Industrial) Gypsy Carnival
Kill a spider for Marie Amireau (Medieval) French Indian War
...once made the wrong move between the breasts of Sheba! (Industrial) King Solomon's Mines
...witnessed the blood-bathed end of Troy's siege. (Ancient) Carthage
...was a victim of vigilante justice! (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
...contributed to the genocide of the plains Buffalo with impressive accuracy. (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
...has forged the sword of Faith! (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...went to the seventh heaven and back. (Ancient) The Seven Heavens
...succeeded where London's police force had failed! (Industrial) Dartmoor
Hound of the Baskervilles Quest (Industrial) Dartmoor
...has completed a great task, and is fit for the meadhalls of Walhalla! (Ancient) Beowulf
...played a small part in the ratification of the Drum Creek treaty (Industrial) Abilene, Kansas
...had the patience to listen to an old man ramble for ages! (Medieval) 1802 Alaska
...has brought the image of Balder back to Asgard! (Ancient) Niflheim