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Title  Area an Initiate of the Royal Explorers Club! (Industrial) London Port
London Citizenship (Industrial) London Port
...recovered sunken treasure after defeating a monstrous sea monster! (Medieval) Pirate Caribbean
Minna's Quest (Medieval) Flanders
...twice aided the Lord of Kleinstadt to prepare for an Imperial visit! (Medieval) Kleinstadt
...raced against time using brains AND brawn! Level to 50, 2019. (General) Global
Lima Citizenship (Medieval) Viceroyal Lima
...has proved to be an equal of Odysseus and is now his boon companion! (Ancient) Greece
...once rescued a beautiful princess from captivity! (Medieval) The Alhambra
...has bested the tricks and traps on the island of Circe! (+3 DEX) (Ancient) Greece
...received a blessed gift from the kami of the North. (Medieval) Japan a friend of the greatest of the poets. (Ancient) Tartarus
...fought as a Roman gladiator and lived to tell the tale! (Ancient) Rome
...cleaned the greatest stables in the world in but a single day! (Ancient) Greece
...once helped a trader gather goods to take to market. (Ancient) Aztecs
...has angered the Aztec goddess Chicomeciatl. (Ancient) Aztecs
...has joined the ranks of the fierce Jaguar Knights! (Ancient) Aztecs
Melbourne Zoo Quest (Industrial) Gold Rush Melbourne
Blessing of Dvalin (Ancient) Svartalfheim
...put an end to the haunting of the old mill. (Medieval) Kleinstadt